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AK-47 Rifles 202 をテキサス州でオンラインで購入し、米国で安価なプライマーをオンラインで購入し、お近くのオンラインで弾薬を購入し、オンラインでクレジット カードを使用してプライマーをオンラインで購入します。

Buy AK-47 Rifles 202 online Texas The Increasingly American Kalashnikov Buy AK-47 Rifles 202 online Texas For generations, the AK-47 was the spooky gun in grainy TASS footage of May Day parades in Red Square, or seen in the firing into the air, pistol gripped by random guerillas in far off lands. However, today, Mikhail Kalashnikov’s most famous invention is increasingly familiar to American gun owners while the guns themselves are likewise rapidly becoming Americanized. What to look for in a Quality AK-47 Rifle 1. Build Quality With any firearm, the overall quality of the build can make or break your shooting experience. It’s especially true with the AK-47. A well-done AK […]


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the next best time is today.” This Chinese Proverb can also be said about reloading. If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it’s that ammo manufacturers can’t keep up with demand during times of pandemic and political turmoil. If you have walked into any sporting goods or gun store in the past year, you have seen the empty shelves, where boxes of ammo were once in abundance. Even if manufacturers could afford to install the needed machines and invest in the talent to operate them, would it be enough? Therefore, many of us gun owners have realized the need to […]

詳細なレビュー: M&P Shield 2.0

Is Smith & Wesson’s second-generation M&P Compact one of the best polymer-framed handguns on the market today? I put this striker-fired pistol through its paces and help you determine if this affordable 9mm is right for you. Evolutionary History Smith & Wesson has been around since 1852, making them among the oldest of American firearm makers, a hallmark only bested by Remington’s circa 1816 claim. However, while Remington has been all over the place when it comes to offerings, S&W has always been known and revered for their well-made and innovative handguns. Smith’s first semi-auto centerfire pistol, Charles Clement’s Model 35, appeared on the market in 1913 chambered in .35 S&W Auto. […]